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The Scientifically Proven Program for Finding Lasting Inner Peace and Contentment
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15 Years of Research

Learn more about the new science behind awakening, fundamental wellbeing, and the 15 years of research behind the world's largest scientific research project into these forms of consciousness.

98% Satisfaction Rate

65% of participants experience persistent awakening. Another 25% experience an awakening event. And 98% of all participants say they are grateful they took the time for the challenge and are happy with their results. 

Based on Data, Not Dogma

Discover how you can have your own transition into fundamental wellbeing. And learn what makes this challenge, a scientifically validated path to persistent awakening and lasting inner peace, that's different from anything you've tried in the past. 

Has Your Progress Been Inconsistent?

Are you disappointed spending time and money trying hit-and-miss methods? 

Has everything you’ve tried failed to give lasting results?

Tired of the post-retreat or workshop blues?

Are you worried it’s just never going to happen for you?
Now science has finally proven that you can have a life of inner peace and contentment.

What Others Have To Say About Dr. Jeffery Martin's Research:

"Dr. Jeffery Martin and his colleagues have produced a landmark study, one not only relevant to transpersonal psychology but to psychology in general.  It is not often that rigorous research can be inspirational, but Dr. Martin has come through."
Stanley Krippner

Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at Saybrook University; past-President of two and Fellow in five divisions of the American Psychological Association, and winner of its lifetime achievement award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology; 50+ year veteran researcher and pioneer in the scientific study of consciousness
"Dr. Jeffery Martin's work on non-symbolic states of awareness has helped create the most lucid map for understanding higher states of consciousness."

"I have personally gained a deeper understanding of the universality of human sacred experience from his research and have been able to replicate and publish it. For anyone who is interested in getting scientific knowledge of the range and evolution of human experience in the direction of expanded awareness and ultimately that which wisdom traditions call 'enlightenment' Jeffery's book and research are must reads."
Deepak Chopra

MD, FACP, founder of The Chopra Foundation and co-founder of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, author of over 85 books including dozens of best sellers

Finding Lasting Inner Peace Can Be Easier (and Faster!) Than You Think. We’ll Show You How.

Many seekers spend years searching but never find the ‘magic’ they’re looking for. 

At 45 Days to Awakening we’ve developed a tried and true secular method that’s worked for hundreds of people. 

Based on 15 years of gold-standard scientific research with thousands of awakened people (including non-spiritual, non-religious, atheist and agnostic ones), we’ve cut through the confusion to reveal what really works - and what doesn’t.

By systematically experimenting using our proprietary protocol, you’ll finally discover your unique path to awakening to the inner-peace you deserve.

Learn the "Greatest Hits"

Try the 18 most proven methods that worked for the thousands of successful finders in the world’s largest research study

Find What Works Best for You

You’re unique, so many techniques simply won’t work for you. We provide the expertise, guidance and support so you will finally find what does!

Become a Finder

Finally enjoy the lasting inner peace and contentment you’ve been craving no matter what’s happening around you, so you can experience the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Hear From Former Seekers
Who Are Now Finders:

"The best meditation program I’ve ever done. Nothing else has compared to this program, I would highly recommend it without any hesitation.”

“I really felt a profound gratitude and connectedness to everything. I was struck about how fast that happened. That was really quite extraordinary. There was a dramatic reduction in my self chatter. How targeted and focused the whole approach was, was really quite amazing. The best meditation program I’ve ever done. Nothing else has compared to this program, I would highly recommend it without any hesitation.”

Brad Hendricks
“I had my first experience of non-duality, and that word really doesn’t even do justice to what that feels like.”

Joan Sumner 
"You feel like the inner peace is integrated into your daily life."

“Doing the 45 days program at home made it so much easier to integrate the experience into my daily life, as opposed to come back from a retreat and losing that peak experience as I got “hit with reality” again. You feel like the inner peace is integrated into your daily life.“

Jamie Thomson
"I found the course to be amazingly effective."

"I was so impressed with the organization of the different technologies, the different meditation techniques, and how, Jeffery had woven the different meditation techniques and ideas into a real step-by-step, comprehensive, build ... until you just came to that pop place where you could have exactly what the course is designed for, that really amazing shift in your perspective where all of a sudden you're just like, "Oh. Oh my God, I'm not who I thought I was. Oh my God, things now make sense. Oh, I feel so relaxed and so peaceful." 

Cate Montana
"I can't believe the value I got from this course, and it's going to last me a lifetime!"

"The big thing for me about the 45 Days Challenge was the clarity. Jeffery's research made the path to Finding clear for me, and the way he executed it within the 45 Days Challenge was flawless. I can't believe the value I got from this course, and it's going to last me a lifetime!"

Cian Kenshin
"I didn't even know this level of peace and resiliency was possible."

"I didn't even know this level of peace and resiliency was possible. So much has happened over these past weeks that I should be freaking out about. With Jeffery's course I can truly say I've found it. I get to sit back and be at peace, no matter what is going on out there in the world."

Stephanie Jaie

It's Time to Wake Up

Finally Find What Works For You
So you can stop wasting time seeking and finally enjoy life as a Finder
Become a Finder in 45 Days
So you can experience the lasting inner-peace you've been seeking. 

65% of participants become Finders within 45 days.
Experience Lasting Results
So you can live more powerfully and thrive in all aspects of your life. 
Why keep seeking when you can find? 

Join the Next 45 Days to Awakening Challenge

Due to the nature of the program, we can only bring on so many participants at once, so we host the program in cohorts. 

All of our cohorts so far have sold out, and we expect this one will too. It's recommended that you register as soon as possible to ensure you get in.

Use the button below to learn more about the program requirements, and apply for the next cohort of The 45 Days to Awakening Challenge. 
The next challenge begins on August 3rd!
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How It Works

Entirely online - take it with you anywhere
The 45 Days to Awakening Challenge Protocol and course materials are available online, from any device, anywhere in the world. You can access your member's area from your tablet, pc, mac, laptop or mobile phone. 
Highly structured well-honed protocol with built-in accountability
The 45 Days to Awakening Challenge Protocol  evolved from 15 years of research and over a thousand participants. It follows a specific sequence of 'greatest hits' methods in an order proven to awaken the majority of participants. 
Carefully guided, not self-paced
This challenge is a structured and guided program. It is not self-paced. In order to get results and experience persistent awakening you must follow the steps of the challenge. Each week, after each session, you will be given a survey to determine your progress and unlock the next week's protocol. 
45-Day Commitment 1.5 hours per day
For the next 45 days you will be practicing the methods shared in this challenge for 1 solid hour a day, plus some additional practices for about another 30 minutes. By doing this, you will give yourself the best chance to experience persistent awakening and transition to lasting Fundamental Wellbeing. 
100% money back guarantee 
When you enroll in the next 45 Days to Awakening Challenge, you have until after the second session to decide whether this program is for you. If not, you can get 100% of your money back. So, today you only have to say yes to trying the challenge, then decide later if it is for you. 
$997 $497 one time payment  (a 50% savings today)
The goal of the 45 Days to Awakening Challenge is to make this protocol accessible to everybody. So, instead of making it longer, more in depth and $3,000 like our world-renowned Finders Course protocol, we've made this challenge as condensed and affordable as possible to give everyone a chance to awaken to persistent inner peace, happiness and wellbeing. 

Stop Wondering and Start Experiencing

We get it. We’ve been there too. You’ve tried lots of self-help and meditation techniques, been to countless workshops, read a lot of books and watched so many videos. 

And, you’ve experienced the post-workshop let down when you go back to your ‘real life’.

You’re ready to stop seeking and finally become a Finder. 

In order to do that, you need to to find the right tools to help you get the answers and kinds of experiences you’ve been looking for. 

You need a proven methodology that fits into your modern lifestyle and doesn’t require you to give up the comforts of normal life. 

The problem is you don’t know who you can trust or what will really work. And, you may even be afraid you don’t have what it takes to truly succeed.

At the 45 Days to Awakening Challenge, we know how frustrating this can feel. 

We believe everyone deserves to benefit from what the happiest, most peaceful humans throughout history have attained. And we’ve proven that you don’t have to spend years to get there. 

Using our scientifically-established protocol, people just like you can do it in less than 45 days.

Our ongoing 15+ year research project has studied thousands of persistently awakened people (including secular, non-spiritual, non-religious, atheist and agnostic ones) to identify specifically what finally worked for them [and didn’t]. 

We used that information to carefully hone a precise protocol that combines the most effective meditation techniques, cutting edge neuroscience and positive psychology practices - and we've tested it on over a thousand of people so far.

Our proven techniques have resulted in an amazing 65% success rate in reaching persistent awakening in less than 45 days! 

26% of additional participants experience temporary periods of awakening, and leave the program with instructions on how to deepen these and lock in persistent awakening.

An astonishing 98% of participants reported being grateful that they took the program, and satisfied with their results.

With these kinds of results, our goal is to help as many people become Finders as we can, so we’re offering this one-of-a-kind program for only $997 $497 for this cohort!

And we’re so confident you’ll be satisfied that we even offer a 100% money back 
guarantee so that you can try out the program and make sure it's right for you! (it is!!!)
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